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D&A Architects was started in 1977, by Ivor Daniel as Daniel & Associate Architects.  The practice grew through amalgamation with SVA into the development of a national & international practice, returning to Daniel & Associate Architects in 2008.  Through this period the practice was involved in a wide variety of project types both local and internationally.

Strong and active associations with other practices and individual architects have been a dynamic driver of growth within the D&A practice, with the retention of a core group of talented young architects maintaining continuity and enthusiasm for architecture.  By balancing experience & youthful dynamism, the practice has a broad based vision developed on the varied experiences and creative pragmatism of its members.

The practice operates from studios in Cowies Hill (Durban) and Wellington (Western Cape).

The Durban practice is currently accredited with BEE level 4 status.

In planning and designing the figures, forms and details that will constitute a building, thought should be directed by an empathy towards the site, programme and user of the building.  Thus each project outcome will necessarily be unique, although the approach to its design will be consistent.

The process of designing a building is interactive and iterative.  The architect does not impose his views, but rather uses his knowledge and experience to guide the design process to achieve outcomes of which all stakeholders are a part.  For the client, building a new building differs from buying one in that he or she is part of a process that affirms a sense of ownership over the beauty of the outcome.

Furthermore, personalised attention and solutions addressing personal desires and needs give the user a connection with the building that translates to one of the key differentiators of good architecture - that it has emotional meaning and value.

It is a great challenge to answer the questions posed by a project in a practical, interesting and beautiful way, but the architect should never ignore these specific questions, either out of laziness or in an attempt to show off or fulfil some personal, unrelated vision.

Design Philosophy

Associate Partner

Clyde Pillay


Tim de Klerk

Project Partner

Patrick Surmon

Software & BIM Consultant

Spha Dlamini

Candidate Architect

Stiaan Theron



University of Natal B. Arch graduate 1975. Started practice, in Durban 1977. Amalgamated with Stauch Vorster Architects 1985 as managing director for Durban office and national director of Design & Marketing. Established offshore offices in Dubai & Maputo. Restarted practising as Daniel & Associates Architects in 2008. Returned to direct involvement in projects providing strategic leadership over the years in a wide range of projects.

Architectural concerns include critical regionalism, sustainability, conservation and environmental appropriateness.

Past President of the KZN Institute of Architects 2006 - 2007 - awarded a Scroll of Honour in 2014.
Recipient of numerous project awards including the SAIA Award of Excellence & Merit.
Served on SAIA’s Executive & various portfolio committees.
Member of various Design Review Boards in architecture and urban design management.
Chairman of various community structures including the Durban Botanic Gardens Trust since 1997.



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